Paint Supplies


Please provide me with the dimensions of the room in meters:

Ceiling height (e.g. 2.4m)

Length of all 4 walls e.g. 2 x 4m and 2 x 3m

Does woodwork require painting? 

Please indicate the condition of the surfaces to be pained.

Excellent condition (does not require filling, sanding and caulking) usually in newly plastered houses.

Good condition (requires a few minor scrapes/repairs and minimal sanding and prep work)

Poor condition (requires extensive gaps/holes to be filled and possibly problematic areas of damp spots or mould that may require treatment).

Very poor (covered in paper and might need to be re skimmed or new lining paper) 

This will be a rough estimate, I will arrange to inspect the property to give a formal quote (COVID dependant)

Condition of area to be painted (please select which applies)
Woodwork to be painted?

Thanks for submitting!